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Web design Process

Step 1 Day 1

Creative Brief & Planning 

Our first step is setting up a meeting to analyze exactly what you need. We can speak about your goal for the website, along with some questions about your brand.
Once we have an idea of the final product we can set you up on one of our website build plan.

Step 1 Day 1
Step 2 Day 3

Credential and Hosting

Once the invoice has been paid we will begin gathering credentials for all accounts needed. This will include

  •  Previous website location
  • Hosting and domain account

Any other Resource needed for you existing site
 *If you do not have a Hosting plan, we would recommend purchasing one through Godaddy.com.
One will be needed for a WordPress build.

Step 2 Day 3
Step 3 Day 5

Layout /design

Once everything is ready, the layout process will begin. This is a much longer process as it consists of build, arranging and rearranging section to better fit your brand. 
Once the Designer has a satisfied look he will begin to populate the pages with all the content*.
 After this all that left is revision and final connection of button and link.
 That’s it! you have a website.

Step 3 Day 5
Completion Day 15


Your Website should be complete within 2/3 Weeks. Completion relies completely on the speed of the content. 

Completion Day 15

Want to reduce the time it takes to build your site?

While in the layout process there will be much back and forth between the  designer and client.  To increase the speed of development it is great to have your CONTENT ready. This include all the writing and media for each page needed on your website. About me, services, contact, Blog, Etc.

How to Prepare Content?

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