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Top SEO Trends to Look For In 2018

Top SEO Trends to Look For In 2018

SEO experts know SEO has evolved more quickly and is more competitive than any other online marketing strategy. The history is marked by new techniques, new technologies and algorithm updates. The search engine results pages SERPs have become critical for the success of any business. The unfolding technologies made 2017 an exciting year for SEO. The trends to watch for in 2018 are outlined below.

The Improvement of Video and Image Searches

Online interactions are gradually becoming much more visual. During the last several years visual friendly platforms for social media, faster internet speeds and the desire of the public to have more engagement with videos and images have caused an increase in visual online interactions. 2018 is expected to bring changes in the way videos and images are treated online by search engines including Google. Google has acquired new startups including Eyefluence and Moodstocks. These startups are aware of the visual elements contained in videos and images. They are working to improve the interactions of the users. There is no way to predict the exact changes but one of them should be improved search sophistication where visual assets are concerned.

The Knowledge Graph

Google has been increasing the specificity and frequency of featured snippets for several years. These snippets provide concise answers for search queries. There was a significant decline in featured snippets last month. They have been replaced by Knowledge Graph boxes. This may be an indication of the Knowledge Graph replacing snippets to provide more consistent and better answers to the users.

Voice Search and Smart Speaker Sales

As the sales of smart speakers continue rising it is expected to increase the usage of voice searches. The sales have drastically increased in 2017 through Google Home and Amazon Echo. As the new models are released in 2018 the sales are expected to increase even more. These speakers are voice activated so the search results are spoken. This means users are becoming more familiar with search engine interactions using only their ears and voices. This may change the search engine results pages SERPs as well as the types of queries. Business in 2018 may be much less visually oriented.

Individual Customization

Individual customization is going to change the calculations used for rankings. For nearly a decade Google has been pushing for more personalized search results. This will enable the users to receive more customized and better SERP’s because of the browser cookies, individual histories and additional information used by Google. Smart speakers increase the search convenience for the users with a personalization factor and technological sophistication that is likely to continue into 2018. This will make it much harder for a business to determine what their ranking will be and what it will be for.

Machine Learning and Algorithm Updates

The deepest Google has plunged into machine learning regarding their search algorithms is RankBrain. As the parent company of Google, Alphabet has made heavy investments into artificial intelligence and machine learning for several years. There has not been any official news or releases regarding Google rolling out updates for machine learning to their core algorithms. The SEO experts believe this will happen by the close of 2018. Machine learning is going to have a profound influence on the average search results. It is extremely possible that in the future algorithm updates will disappear. The replacement will be continuous, automated, iterative algorithms. Machine learning will update the entire process.

The Expansion of SEO

During 2018 SEO will expand beyond Bing and Google. The trend of businesses in competition for ranking space other than Google has increased during the last few years. The search engine sphere is still dominated by Google and they are currently the most popular platform. This may change because of third parties including Amazon and Yelp and digital assistants such as Siri. They are all becoming relevant search engines. Any company interested in achieving the largest audience possible and being located by a large percentage of user searches will need to start thinking past the current range of influence established by Google.

Hyperlocal Results

Hyperlocal results took off during 2017 and this became a major year for this type of marketing. The influence of local SEO and local searches will continue to expand but the new normal will be hyperlocal intent. Hyperlocal is a reference to targeting customers using their physical proximity as a basis. This can be calculated to a radius of less than a block. By the time 2018 closes the number of mobile users will have substantially increased along with the relevance of AR and VR. This means local SEO will no longer be enough for a company to optimize locally and target hyperlocal keywords. Local relevance will be an important factor in 2018.

To remain competitive in user results and the latest trends all businesses should contact as soon as possible.

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