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Top 5 Reasons You Should Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Top 5 Reasons You Should Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Facebook is by a wide margin the largest social media platform the world has ever seen. With its simple user interface and diverse ways users can communicate and share with each other its popularity is at an all-time high with users of all demographics. Facebook is also integrated so deeply into the web you can’t even sign up for many websites without an account. This makes Facebook ads one of the best tools to use for a business to quickly reach a large targeted audience, as the user base continues to grow. There are really hundreds of reasons you should use Facebook to promote your business, but there are 5 that stand above the rest.

Advertising On Facebook Is Incredibly Cost Effective

Cost is always the first thing someone considers when tasked with promoting a business. Profit is key, and advertising usually costs a lot of money for even an insignificant amount of exposure. Fortunately, Facebook is one of the most cost-effective ways to market a business on the Internet. They are noticeably cheaper than many of their competitors, and you can reach a larger audience with less. Most importantly, you don’t see a drop off in the quality of the traffic that you receive.

It’s Easy To Reach Your Desired Audience

Facebook ad campaigns have very useful tools to reach the audience you’re looking for with ease. First, you have options to target people based on characteristics such as age, gender, and location. If you’re someone who already has an established audience you can easily import your contacts and resell to previous customers. You can also piggyback off this feature and target users who have similar characteristics to your previous customers. Many competitors focus heavily on keywords rather than demographics. Which isn’t a bad thing, but targeting keywords aren’t the right fit for certain businesses.

Facebook Ad Optimization Is Simple To Use and Highly Customizable

There are few limitations when optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns. One challenge advertisers face is effectively targeting mobile users, which there are an estimated 1 billion of who use Facebook per month. Facebook ad optimization allows you to target more traditional desktop and mobile users separately. There are also great analytics tools to help you determine what is working and what isn’t. For example, images are the backbone of your ad campaigns, and you can easily see what images are generating the best click-through rate. Advertising online requires a lot of optimization to see a campaign reach its full potential. The simplicity that Facebook offers in the process just shouldn’t be passed on.

Facebook Continues To Launch Innovative Features

As of right now, Facebook is already a leader in the world of web advertising with few real competitors. With the continued release of improvements and new features, they are only going to continue their growth. One example of an innovative feature you can see in action on mobile ads with the call now buttons. With one simple press, a potential customer can be in contact a representative of your company in an instant. In the food service industry alone this feature is already being used to great effect. This is just one example of the innovation you can expect from Facebook ads.

The Audience Is Still Growing

Even though, Facebook is the largest social media site in the world it still has the potential to grow its user base significantly. As mentioned earlier it is integrated deeply into the web. This integration is likely to grow and people are likely going to need Facebook accounts to do many things online. There is also massive potential internationally for user base growth. China, the fastest growing economy in the world currently blocks access to Facebook. If this block were to be lifted, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility, you could potentially see tens of millions of new Facebook users. Other than that the user base is just going to continue to grow naturally. In twenty to thirty years just about everyone alive will have some kind of Internet presence. This means more Facebook accounts and more potential leads using Facebook ad campaigns.

Regardless of what kind of business you’re in whether you ship international freight or run a small restaurant you need exposure to see success. Many businesses are achieving success by capitalizing on what’s hot, and what’s been hot over the last decade has been Facebook. You simply can’t reach as large of an audience at their prices anywhere else. Few competitors allow you to be as precise with who your ads reach. They are going to continue to dominate the landscape for the foreseeable future and, it’s a wave you really don’t want to miss. If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for highly targeted affordable advertising, Facebook ads are the way to go

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