Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Interact with your current and potential customers and gain valuable insights in the process.

Stay Connected

Social Media Marketing is a big part of our lives these days. We use it to stay connected to people far away, to communicate ideas, create events and groups, and show others what we are having for lunch. We live in a world of data brokers who collect personal information from our search histories and online behaviors and build profiles on us. These digital profiles are then used to direct advertisements to you wherever you may be.  The Federal trade Commission’s Republican leadership believes that communication giants like Comcast and Verizon deserve more leeway with our information.  This is big business. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are also big business. There’s millions of dollars funneled through each platform each day. And you definitely want to take advantage of those platforms as well.

What is the actual point of using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? To share the things you love (selfie!) with other people you love. Sounds perfect for referrals, business deals, and cat videos. These social media platforms can be classified as addictive due to their constant and repetitive usage. Since they are constantly being checked for short bits of time, it is a perfect opportunity to communicate with your clients. Because Social Media is entertainment ultimately, the receptiveness of users is also considerably higher while in this comfort zone. Each platform has it’s individual strengths and weaknesses. LinkedIn is a very professional environment where you will find like-minded individuals. Keek on the other hand is literally just for giggles. Carefully choosing which network to focus your efforts on is vital to the success of your Social Media Marketing campaign.

Word of mouth is still an incredibly powerful marketing method. And Social Media Marketing is the evolution of this policy. People know and trust the people within their network, and will happily share your ad or promote your business if they love your service. You can more immediately connect to people immediately in your area, and reach out to them with advertisements, coupons, promotions. Promotions build loyalty and increased brand recognition. Ultimately this just means more conversions and more business for you.


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