Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Need help juggling all you social media?

Too many post, not enough hands?

Social media management is necessary with the advancement of technology and the way information is transmitted. We strive at staying consistent, friendly and relevant. We guide your legacy to greatness with the passion we have for talking with people rather than at them. Let us handle the confusion of social media and take the weight off of your shoulders. We manage everything from content to statistics, and we work tirelessly to make sure everything is running smoothly and on a rising incline. Lead generation is our specialty; what good is a pretty account if no one is seeing it? We take pride in the fact that we give your social media accounts the attention they deserve, and reel in clients with captivating content. All platforms are managed in-house by us, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or even Instagram. The repetition and “Did I post today?” will go away the moment you give us a call.



A picture is worth a thousand words, studies show that 87% of posts on Facebook alone are the most shared and 35% of tweets with a photo URL. We base our social media management on these facts and help build your brand and widen your audience. Our dedicated team ensures your social media accounts get the love they deserve. We carefully craft each post to the adapting times and to your individual needs. These platforms are not a ‘set it and forget it’ thing. It is also not something you can run based on what you feel your community wants to consume. We work through metrics that are easily observable and adaptable to ensure that every aspect of your presence is growing so you can focus on the most important part, running your business.

We at Rush Tech Designs will work closely with you to create a strategy; that is, a plan of attack that will streamline the way you and your customers interact. Be creative, entertaining, engaging, responsive and most importantly, relevant. We help your potential customers realize that they need your products (or services) by answering the most important questions. We follow through with retention’s after a unique and incredible experience to make sure they keep coming back, with friends! From studying your competition to generating ideas to producing and publish the most attractive graphic design and accompanying titles to receive the most attention. Are you ready to take your social media accounts to a new level? Call Rush Tech Designs for a free consultation today!


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