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The Secret to Acquiring Backlinks

Once your website is finally built, you are going to want to attract people to it.  Focusing your content around specific keywords is one of the most important. You wont drive as much traffic to your page with social media outreach, but it is important as well. None of these will build your websites AUTHORITY nearly as much as a solid backlink. Backlinks are critical to the authority of your site, because they are the internet’s referral system.

Look at it This Way

Pretend your applying for a prestigious college or university and they require 3 referral letters to process your application. Each one of those professors or employers who confirm your exemplary performance within their class or company adds to your reputation. Your image is bolstered based solely on their referral. A backlink from a reputable site says the same thing. “I believe in them and what they’re doing, and will promote them (at risk to my own reputation)”. If your site is a risk, or untrustworthy, no one will be willing to “refer” it in this way. Understand your site must be informative and appealing to be considered. There is risk and reward for both parties when exchanging backlinks. It has been referred to as link toxicity.

Be Careful Who you Link With

It’s not always a good idea to exchange backlinks. There is such a thing as a bad or toxic backlink. This will actually do harm to your sites reputation which in turn hurts how well search engines rank it for the appropriate keywords. Your website is going to be judged on the group of other sites it “hangs out” with or is referred by. If the sites backlinking to you are cesspools of bad links, spam, malware or otherwise dubious in nature, your going to take a nasty hit. If the site that backlinks to you has a Domain Authority of 90+ and is a known site for relevant information on a similar subject it will be a HUGE boost to your own sites Domain  Authority. The first step of the process is finding the ideal partner to request a backlink from.

Forging a Relationship

The true strength of the best social media networks is the specific type of relationship they help you build. Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal because people are used a certain quality of engagement those platforms. If you get a message on LinkedIn, you can assume there is a business opportunity involved. This is perfect for requesting backlinks. Facebook relationships are founded on trust and similarities. Folks are very open to expanding their horizons on Facebook and are receptive to well presented and beneficial communications. When starting the conversation, commend them on a job well done. You can also point out some article or content they created that you enjoyed. This breaks the ice and establishes common ground. Another tactic to get your foot in the door is to point out broken links on their site and offer replacement links from your own website. Of course make sure your content is exceptional. You will be reaching out to (fellow) journalists, bloggers and webmasters. You must offer something they need to increase the chances of exchange.


If you have a great article or infographic that would add value to their site, offer that in exchange. Guest blogging is a common method used to get the precious backlink from a site. It requires no schmoozing but there may be a submission process. Your article must go beyond the sites standards if you expect them to feature it. The internet has a plethora of free resources to offer but precious link juice requires an exchange of resources. In this forum that resource is information. You can submit blogs or articles to these websites as they do not make your links “no-follow.” These are probably the easiest backlinks.

There are more sites like this out there, but you may have to do more research to find them. A huge portion of your success online will be analyzing what your competitors are doing and making adjustments accordingly. We personally prefer reaching out to individuals for backlinks as there are unlimited opportunities to forging a partnership than simple backlinks. You can acquire sponsors, digital assets, coupon codes, exclusive partnerships and much more. So don’t be shy, seek out an ideal digital artisan and make friends today! You have much to gain and a backlink from the right place that make your site much more valuable!

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