Search Engine Optimization

Are you being found?

Search engine Optimization improves your overall ranking in searches.

What is SEO?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably come to grips with the fact that being RELEVANT on the worlds most used search engines is really important. Do you remember a time when all of mankind’s knowledge wasn’t instantly accessible by simply saying to your phone: “OK Google (or Siri), Find me what I’m looking for?”

Jokes aside, there are literally millions of searches performed EVERY DAY for what your business provides. This is done automatically, by hungry, eager, POTENTIAL CLIENTS. This process repeats everyday, ad infinitum, and is as reliable as the ocean waves hitting the beach. You DEFINITELY want to tap into this inexhaustible stream of service seekers. You’d be hard pressed to find a more qualified lead. And besides that, why allow all that traffic to go to your competitors? Rush can provide you with SEO that works in West Palm Beach.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing begins with keyword research to target the specific niches that your business covers. We then work with other websites that have relevance is that category to maximize your own relevance. It is a process that takes a few months to fully implement, but it makes sure you are ranked as high as possible for your keywords. All this web traffic is organic, so you don’t have to Pay per Click (PPC) or per advertisement. Save money with SEO that works in West Palm Beach.

Search engine marketing targets specific keywords with relevance to your business. These keywords range from services or products you offer, your industry, your location, even business partners or programs your involved in.

By ranking number 1 for that keyword, you guarantee that the first thing Google, Bing or Yahoo searchers will see upon executing that query is YOUR WEBSITE. And when your website is gorgeous and a joy to use, its going to perform as intended: by bringing you more customers.

Nobody goes to the second page for their answer, because why would you choose the 10th best option when you can have the very best? According to the fine community at Quora, between 80 and 91 percent never make it to page two of the search results. You DO NOT want to be there, or even further back. You do not want your website lost in the matrix of the information superhighway. You want to BE the SOLUTION to their desire. Call us at (561) 237-6029 and get a plan for SEO that works in West Palm Beach.


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