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March 2019 Core Update aka Florida 2 : What Does That Mean For You?

Danny Sullivan of Google has confirmed that Google is updating its algorithm. He called it another broad core update. It has only been a week since the March 2019 core update, so we are still discovering what that means for publishers and search marketers.

Brett Tabke of Pubcon received advanced notice from Google that a big update was imminent. It was decided beforehand to call it Update Florida 2 however,Google is now officially calling this update the March 2019 Core Update.

How Big Is This Google Update?

This update is a big one that will include a lot of changes.

In the past, when a big Google update has happened, it usually included an application that changes how websites are ranked on SEO. For example, last year’s update incorporated something Google called Neural Matching. Neural matching was not targeting anything. It was simply a way for improving the relevance of the web pages in the search results so that they more adequately answered a search query.

Since there are usually big changes that come with these updates, it’s safe to say there will be big changes with this update. Since Neural Matching came with some flaws in its algorithm it is said that the mission for all broad core updates has been to improve user satisfaction.

What Will This Broad Core Update Do?

A broad core update means that Google is not targeting any niche or any particular signals, like quality. In a broad core algorithm update, Google is not targeting any specific algorithm.That means that these updates do not target websites, niches, or qualities. This is why it is to be said that with Google broad core updates, there is nothing to fix.

In general it is best to approach a Broad Core Update with the understanding that Google will not be targeting low page quality or niches.

What Is a Broad Core Update?

Broad core updates are improvements to Google’s overall algorithm for the purpose of better understanding search queries and web pages (via Search Engine Journal)

These improvements increase accuracy to match search queries to webpages and improves overall user satisfaction.

Why The Name “Florida 2”?

Google’s Florida Update was a huge update in the early 2000s that changed the SEO game. It was so named because the algorithm change occurred the same day of the Pubcon Florida SEO conference.

Since this update was set to coincides with the 2019 Pubcon Florida conference, so it was decided by Brett Tabke, founder of Pubcon and WebmasterWorld that this update will be named, Google Florida Update 2. WebmasterWorld  has traditionally named the Google Updates.

As we noted earlier, Google is now officially calling this the March 2019 Core Update.

There is Nothing to Fix?

Sullivan offered the previous guidance from March 12, 2018 on broad core updates. That guidance was a statement made in a tweet that there is nothing to fix.

Here’s what that tweet said:

“There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

That makes it challenging to identify why a page is no longer ranking but it seems to be that this update may result in rankings changing due to a change on Google’s side.

Is this Google’s Biggest Update?

Google won’t tell us how big this update was but said it wasn’t the biggest. “This was a noticeable update that we felt warranted confirming, in keeping with what we’ve said before,” Google said. In fact, Google said “But it is far from being the biggest update Google has ever done,” implying this update compared to other updates were much larger.

Google wouldn’t go into more detail around how big this update was, saying “we’re not characterizing it beyond that.”

Info regarding this update derived from Search Engine Journal.

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