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List Building Guide

Although some claim customer service or great leadership is the strongest asset for a company, list building is by far the most valuable asset for any business in 2017. In this list building guide we will be referring to email list building in particular, but the instructions also apply to social media list building. While the return on investment from email is ten times the return from social media, they both have their merits. Social media posts are more likely to be shared than emails, among social circles, so they can build your list further and faster. Compiling and managing a database of past and potential clients adds value when operating or selling your business.


List Building Guide: The Beginning


Starting your list building from scratch can be intimidating and frustrating. A great place to start building your email list is from existing customers or family and friends. If you’ve ever worked with a client before or have a contact list of personal friends this is where your list building should start. They already know you, so they should be more receptive, and hopefully they will support your project. An important factor to note is that you should ask potential subscribers to join your mailing list rather than automatically adding them; nobody enjoys more un-requested email. When you create your newsletter sign up form, start with something like:


“[Your business name] is opening soon! For exclusive news, promotions, and coupon codes, subscribe to our Newsletter!”


“Thank you for supporting [your business name]! You can find even better deals, rewards and exclusive offers in our weekly newsletter. Subscribe here!”


Our list building guide recommends that you strongly consider the potential downside to offering free gifts, automatic discounts or inside information to entice potential buyers to join your list. If you consistently devalue your product, customers will become unwilling to pay full price. Instead: Offer the product full price with a limited time, “free,” value-added service.


List Building Guide: Promotion


There is currently a maxim going about that “Content is King.” However, here at Rush Tech Designs, we have learned through experience that “Promotion is King.” Your content may be impeccable – but getting it in front of the right eyes is a more deliberate process than publishing and praying for hits.


An email list is a tight circle that has earned each others trust. You trust that they appreciate your service and they trust in your product or service. They have proven they value your product, service or information so why wouldnt they refer you to others or even buy again? When you get a subscriber or buyer, send them a welcome email that is personalized and ask them a question like ” Welcome to the [Company] Newsletter. In order to better serve your needs, share with us what you are looking for in our service or how we can improve.”


This engagement is the first step in building the relationship. The goal is to create fiercely loyal customers who will fearlessly refer you to their friends. Customer loyalty cannot be underestimated. How do you keep them engaged you ask?


Viral Content


Viral content by definition spreads like wildfire because people are oh so willing to share it. Create content that your ideal customer would want to read and then spread it far and wide. For example: “This homeowner hired the wrong landscaper and it almost ruined his property. Here’s how we saved them!” If your content is viral at all, readers are going to be intrigued and they will share it because they expect their other homeowners friends want to know too. In this way, your content and your subscribe form will get shared and be in front of more eyes. You can check ywhere your competition is promoting themselves and target those places too. You won’t have to dig to find an audience that is ready and eager to absorb your content. If you write viral content you can also more easily guest blog it on other sites to increase your audience and subscribers.
Another excellent method to entice people to share their email address is by giveaways or contests.

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Develop multiple giveaways or ways you can help a client. Your product is unique to you so think of innovative new ways to give away snippets of it. Information is relatively cheap to distribute, so an email for the link to download your free ebook or watch your video works great.

list building guide-joomla_ebook


Popovers: The Magic


The images you see above would work wonderfully as popovers.  What is a popover you may ask? While viewing your site, a small window pops over the displayed content with a call to action. These are a little different from a popup ad in that they do not cover the whole screen. Google will penalize you for a full-screen popup as full-screen pops have too often been malicious in nature. Before you get stymied, let me just say that POP OVERS WORK in 2017! They generate a need to respond, a call to action which is imperative for conversions. For more information on how to Manage your Reputation by building exceptional reviews, stay tuned to the Rush Tech Designs blog! We can help boost your lists AND reputation out of orbit!

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