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How to Create a Google Review URL Pre-filled with 5 Stars 2017


How-To-Generate-Prefilled-5-Star-Review-RTDGenerating a URL for customers to write a Google Review pre-filled with 5 stars is not as difficult as one may think. Below I will walk you through how we created the link that we used for a Rush Tech Designs email that was sent out that generated plenty of new (5 star) reviews from our already happy customers. The goal is to make the process as seamless and easy for your customers as possible. The only requirement is that they already have a Google account (usually

1. Create Your Google My Business Page
Chances are that if you are reading this article, you already have a Google My Business Page. If not, you can learn how to get your business on google maps.

2. Locate Your Place ID from GoogleHow-To-Generate-Prefilled-5-Star-Review-Rush-Tech-DesignsAll you need to do is type in your business name and you should be able to locate the Place ID after you select your the place ID and keep it separately. You will need this in the future.

3. Open a new browser and put that Place ID you just got to the end of this URL:[YOUR-PLACE-ID]

4. Your URL will get redirected to a long string. Copy this string:

5. Add a “,5” to the end of that string to generate a prefilled 5 star review


6. Shorten URL using goo.glYou can have a shortened version of the long code above and get the added benefit of setting up tracking on that particular link. Simply paste the long url (including the ,5) and click shorten. will give you a shortened link that is easier to paste.


Giving your customers an easy way to leave reviews on your business will help you grow. There have been countless times where I have been searching for a service and passed over the companies that only had 1 5* review and went for someone with a 4.6+ with more than 10.

Furthermore, there have been studies stating that ten is the magic number that consumers look for when they weigh a company’s reliability. So it won’t take long for you to establish yourself as a reputable company by using this trick of pre populating a google 5 star review.

Quick Tricks On Getting Google Reviews


As simple and obvious as it is, many people are afraid to ask their customers for a review. However, most customers (assuming they are happy) are more than willing to take 20 seconds to write a quick note and give you a 5 star rating. If you do business face to face or over the phone, when you have finished just ask. Send them the link you created, and you’re set!

2. Email a Link

Send an email to your customers thanking them for doing business with you and asking if they could take the time to let the world know about their experiences with you in the past. Again, testimonials are great way to build credibility and most people are willing to do it. The only real draw back is that you may have a customer who has not let you know that they are upset, and they may bash your brand given the opportunity.

The good news is that not all negative reviews are created equally. In fact, our parent company actually has had customers tell us they didn’t believe how spotless our reviews were and we actually seemed “too good to be true” and elected not to do business.

We had over 300 positive reviews spread over several platforms, with zero complaints after 3 years of being in business. We started reaching out to our most critical customers and asked them to leave sincere reviews about their experience. We made it easy for them to post the reviews.

As we expected, they were not the most pleasant reviews, but we asked them to post on platforms where we could post a public rebuttal so the world could see that A. we were human and did make mistakes and B. we listened to our customers and respond to the upset people.

We were able to post on the negative reviews our response on how the issue was solved. Do not be defensive! Simply state you were wrong and show the public how you resolved their issue. People will respect it, and when we had our reviews at a 4.8 – 4.9, we no longer ran into the “too good to be true” lost sales.

3. DO NOT “ENTICE” Customers To Leave Reviews

It is a violation of many platform’s terms of service if you offer a special for people who leave positive reviews. Of course, they will not track down every reviewer and ask “Were you offered anything for filling out this review?” but if light is ever shed that you are using these tactics, it can cause more harm than the positive review helped.

Admittedly, we have reached out to some of our clients and thanked them with little gifts for doing business with us, but that was as a result of them leaving the review, not in exchange. They were not aware that the gift would come.

There is a great website about appropriate corporate gift giving and “strategies” to utilize.

4. Always Thank Your Clients For Leaving Reviews

After your customer has left a 5 star review on your Google page using your pre filled link, be sure to thank them. You can easily do this from the Google My Business website or app.

This works two-fold. First, it lets your existing customers know that you are listening and appreciate them. Second, it shows potential customers that you are listening to your existing customers and appreciate them. Nobody wants to feel like their voice goes unheard and a little courtesy can go a long way. Always mind your P’s & Q’s online and remember that your responses are public and for the world to see.

Creating a Google Review Pre-filled with 5 Stars is not that difficult and can be a great tool to improve your brand reputation. This strategy works if you are brand new, established, or have a poor online reputation. It only takes one rotten review to crush a business online, and with these tips, you will have the upper hand.

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