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How An Investment In SEO Could Pay Off For Your Small Business.

How An Investment In SEO Could Pay Off For Your Small Business.

The Business Marketing Efforts

If the average small business were asked for the exact figure budgeted for all of their marketing efforts for the next year they would not be able to provide a number. This may be because the business has not created a budget or the budget they created has not been properly reviewed regularly. A survey of 351 small businesses established 57 percent had a yearly revenue below $1 million and the digital marketing allotment for 47 percent was under $10,000 for 2017. Digital marketing includes local social media marketing, local internet marketing, local SEO, websites. emails, virtual reality, content and augmented reality marketing.

Content and Video Marketing

Content and video marketing are cost effective for the small business yet of every four businesses only one is planning to make an investment in content marketing. The majority of digital marketing is an effective strategy for inbound marketing. A digital marketing presence increases traffic to both social media posts and websites. SEO or search engine optimization can bring more visits by consumers. A lot of small businesses have limited money, time, resources and energy. Almost 43 percent are relying on their employees to execute and plan the digital marketing for the business. This is challenging since 55 percent of the businesses in the survey have less than ten employees. Only one person is handling the digital marketing for thirty percent of these businesses. This means the local social media marketing is also far less effective than it should be.

Investing in SEO

Investing in local SEO for five to ten percent of the businesses gross revenue is extremely beneficial. This figure may increase as high as fifty percent if there are new services or products being launched by the business. The expenditures for digital marketing additionally include paid advertising, business cards and outsourcing talent including marketing consultants and content writers. A successful marketing effort will bring a return for the business. Marketing efforts must be measured or they cannot be managed properly. This means there is no way for the business to determine if new sales revenue is being generated. Marketing efforts must be reviewed and a written marketing budget established. This will help the business ensure their sales are where they require them to be.

The Cost Factor

One of the most effective marketing options for a small business is SEO. Cheap SEO is generally not a wise investment. Although SEO can be obtained cheaply this means the content will be a low quality leading to low rankings. An investment in high quality SEO from a reputable and experienced company will pay off well for the business. In comparison to numerous other marketing strategies quality SEO has been proven to deliver higher returns for the investment as time passes.

SEO and The Digital World

When a consumer is ready to buy they usually conduct a search on a tablet, mobile phone or desktop. When the search results are obtained the small business needs to be near the top of the results. When the ranking is too low the consumer will make their purchase from another business. Of the searches conducted 91 percent of consumers never look past the first page. SEO can place the business where the consumer is looking and the website will be much more visible. Relevant traffic will increase sales for the business.

Local Internet Marketing

SEO marketing enables the small business to effectively compete with the major competitors. This is an excellent way to make certain the playing field is level. The search engine ranking for a business is dependent on effective SEO and not the size of the business. The financial status of the business is also irrelevant. SEO can increase sales for a business and can play an important role in both growth and expansion.

The Future Benefits

Certain types of advertising bring an immediate return for a limited period of time. SEO offers businesses benefits that will last into the future. Once effective SEO marketing has placed a business near the top of the search results the traffic to the site will increase. This gives the site a lot more authority and the potential to remain in this position for years. The benefits of SEO are much more substantial than what can be achieved from a PPC campaign.

The Free Advertising

When a business does not use SEO they may not be seen. When the meta description and title tag are optimized the business can control the information seen by the consumers in the search results. This is an opportunity for free advertising. A business must use this opportunity or they will be losing sales. SEO is critical for every small business. Every moment that passes without using SEO is costing the business sales and money. There is no reason to wait. The time has come to employ an effective SEO campaign now.

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