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How to Get Your Business on Google Maps 2017

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps 2017

This is a quick walk through on how to get your business on Google Maps. Listing your business will help increase your web traffic and online presence. Customers will be able to leave reviews and it will help you grow your business.
  1. Go to

    Put into your browser This will take you to the home page where you can view your current projects as well as add new ones. You can located published posts, respond to reviews, list holiday hours, so much more.
  2. Click the + Button on the bottom right corner

    Simply enough, there is a blue button that you click to get you to the form where you put in your business’ information.
  3. Fill out your company’s information

    Add the listing information that you want your current and (more importantly) potential customers to find. Be sure to double check the information as many owners look over the minuscule details in hopes of getting back to the daily grind. It is crucial that your information is accurate, especially your location and phone number.
  4. Click the verification button on your Google My Business listing

    When you search for your business in Google maps it will now show up. There will be an option in the middle of your listing saying “Own this business?” Verify that you are the actual owner and request that a PIN code get sent to you in the mail by choosing “Mail me my Code.”
  5. You will receive a 5 digit PIN code in the mail from Google that you enter to verify your listing.

    Lastly, you will receive a post card in the mail from Google with instructions on how to finalize the GMB listing. The process should only take a few minutes and you will be all set!

    Advantages of getting your business on Google Maps

1. Easy Direction Giving on Mobile There are many advantages to putting your business on Google Maps. First and foremost, your new customers can find you! I regularly attend a networking group located about 15 miles away from my office. When I give visitors the address, they need to actually manually put the address in their GPS. The location has not been put on Google Maps, and it is inconvenient for everyone. This day & age, cell phones are huge and not going anywhere. Over 50% of Google searches are performed on cell phones, and that number is rising every year. Listing your business on Google Maps gives the searcher the ability to click your location and go directly there. No need to look up the business and manually punch in the directions. Easier for the customer = more business.

2. Ability to Receive Reviews

Listing your business on Google maps gives your customers to opportunity to review you and refer you organic business. As a business owner, we know that the easiest sale to close is someone who was referred to you. When a customer has done their research, located your business, and called to do business with you; the sale is done. As your organization grows, you can eventually run into the best problem – having too much business. Recently, I had my car detailed by a great company that came to my office and cleaned my car while I worked. As a courtesy, I went online to give them a 5 star review. I could not find them! The owner explained he had been in business for 17 years and worked based off referrals. I know that had my friend not given his card to me, I never would have found his business on Google Maps. After using this walk through (my case study for screen shots) he was able to list his business on Google Maps and I know it will increase his business and sphere of influence.

3. Generate Organic Leads

I was searching for a mobile pet groomer for my 2 year old dachshund. Looking for businesses on Google Maps. The first result had a 3.7 star rating, the second had a 1.0 and the third had a 4.9 star. Even though they were not ranked first, I chose the 4.9 star business from Google Maps. I am sure many others have done the same. If you search for any Fortune 500 company, you will find that they have listed and verified their Google Maps page. Generating your own organic traffic is key in the digital age to grow your business. Taking a few simple steps and listing your company on Google My Business maps helps owners quickly and easily improve their presence.

4. Raising Your Local SEO Ranking

Google also rewards companies that take the time to verify their listing information. For obvious reasons, you can imagine why (all variables constant) that the company listed on Google My Business that is verified would rank higher in the search engine. When your business gets a lot of reviews and constantly updates the Google My Business page, it lets the search engine know that your business is running and that people should check you out. The more content that is put out and the more reviews that your company gets, the better established it is. When people are looking for a new company to do business with, the higher you rank locally, the more likely you are to get business. Over 90% of Google users never look at the second page of results. This means if your company does not fall in the top 10 results for a given keyword, 90% of your potential audience won’t even know that you exist. This is especially important in local businesses.

5. Keeping in Contact with Your Customers

When you set up your Google My Business account and attach it to Google Maps, you can communicate publicly with your customers. Many owners would consider a bad review a terrible thing. A lot of times, when an upset customer has taken the time to write a negative review, the owner of the Google My Business listing will have the opportunity to reply. I know I have chosen to do business with companies based solely on how they reply to criticism and upset customers. When you view complaints as opportunities to grow, your business wins. It also lets the public see your side of the story. Perhaps some details in the review were not revealed that completely changed the perspective of the claim. You also can reply to messages sent directly to your business by simply linking your cell phone number. Giving customers multiple channels to contact you helps keep them engaged and informed. If a customer knows they can always reach you, you have a customer for life! In short, you should now know how to get your business on Google Maps. It is a simple, yet often overlooked process that could cost you business. If this is somewhat overwhelming, or you are afraid that you will do it wrong. We offer Google My Business listing solutions at Rush Tech Designs. Mention this article and save $50. Call

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Next week, we will post an article about how to automatically generate a link for a customer to review you on Google with a 5 star rating already filled in.

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