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Facebook Ads Could Be Your Key to New Business

Almost everyone has either seen Facebook pages or has joined the social media website. This is a reason why it makes sense for businesses to run advertising campaigns through Facebook. This is a quick way to get high impact advertising since the website has about two billion registered members.

How Facebook Ads Work

Facebook ads are a type of Social Media Marketing and there are a variety of different ads that you can run. They can be used to promote a Facebook page or post, promote a special or sale and to promote a website. One major difference between Facebook Ads and advertisements on the internet is that Facebook Ads Management can target users based on location, demographic and by profile information.

The advertisements have specifications that must be followed that apply to all ads except video views, which include:

• One image per text on a Facebook ad
• Image size is 1200 x 628 pixels
• Headline text limit is 25 characters.
• Text limit is 90 characters.

Lead Ads

• This is a pre-filled lead form to connect people to the business with lead generation.
• The image size is 1200 x 628
• This has a button text limit of 25 characters.
• Headline text limit of 45 characters.

Canvas Ads

• This can have up to 20 photos and video in a format that incorporates text.
• Image sizes 66 x 882-pixel header and 1080 x 1920 full-screen images.
• This can be used for engagement and brand awareness.
• The text limit is a 500 character text block.

Video Facebook Ads

• One video plus text
• The thumbnail a minimum of 600 pixels with length to video aspect ratio.
• The ad’s dimension video aspect ratio of 16:9 full landscape or 1.1 square and other aspect ratios are available for specific types of campaigns.

Slideshow Ads

• Videos can be made automatically from up to 10 still images with the exception of engagement and product catalog sales.
• These have an ad image size of 1280 x 720 pixels.
• They have a limit of 90 text characters.

Carousel Ads

• This ad can use up to 10 photos or videos plus text with the exception of engagement and product catalog sales.
• The image size is 600 x 600 pixels
• Headline text limit of 40 characters for photo images and 25 for video.
• Text is limited to 90 characters
• The video length is limited to two minutes when combined.

Collection Ads

• Collection ads are a mobile-only format that showcases multiple products or features.
• The image sizes are 1200 x 628
• The video aspect ratio is 16:9 full landscape or 1:1 square.
• Video length maximum is 120 minutes.
• Headline text limit of 25 characters.
Who Benefits from Facebook Advertising?

Almost any type of business can benefit from Social Media Marketing, although many fail at Facebook advertising because they begin a campaign prior to running test marketing at the social media site. There are two reasons for this with the first being the people using the social media site are there to connect with friends and family, not shop. The other issue is these are not ads that will come up when a product is searched on a search engine. Instead, they appear on the side of the users Facebook page. This means while the user is checking their page for posts from family and friends the advertiser has one chance at catching their eye. Advertisements that are not eye-catching will not lead FB users to go to their product page or website.

Ad Targeting

The one thing that can be done with Facebook advertising is one thing that cannot be done with other website or search engines and that is targeting customers. Internet Marketing has become an essential way to market for companies whether they are large or small. This is where there is a clear advantage with the social media site with Facebook Ads Management because the advertisements can include:

• Location
• Age
• Gender
• Profile information such as relationship status, workplace, education, connections, and interests.

There are different types of targeting also that companies can use exact targeting, precise interest targeting, and broad targeting. Exact targeting may be done by location or even specific interests. Precise targeting can include age groups such as from 25-35 or by gender. Then broad targeting Internet Marketing is for companies that have products that can be of interest for any age, gender or location such as movies, electronics or other products. This type of marketing can reach the largest number of consumers that may have an interest in the products being advertised. The one thing that should be considered with targeting is the images that will be used. If an advertising campaign is for a specific age group, the images should reflect this group. When a product is for people over the age of 65 the images should not be of people in a 25-45 age group since it is not reflective of who the advertisement is targeting. Taking these things into account can make a Social Media Marketing campaign a success.

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