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8 Best Web Design Practices in 2019

If you’re looking into the best web design practices in 2019 you’re in the right spot. We’ve had the benefits of working with gigantic corporations to tiny mom & pop shops and have learned a lot along the way.

From this experience, we have realized that some things are vital to making a great website, and other things are just fluff. Here is what we have found to be the best web design practices.

1. Always Highlight the Call To Action (CTA)

Your website is your first impression and it needs to be a good one. There should be no doubt to the user as to what they need to do next in order to learn more or to do business with you.

It blows my mind when I see websites where I want to do business with the company, and can’t find something as easy as a contact form or a phone number.

Any designer worth their weight knows that having a clear CTA can be the difference between a beautiful website and a beautiful website that generates money (what we all want).

2. Highlight Trust from High Authority Organizations

Do you have an accreditation with the BBB? Highlight it! Do you have awards? Highlight it! There are so many different ways that you can show trust to let people know they can easily do business with you.

If there are real testimonials, showcase them so the user doesn’t need to do research on their own. We make sure when marketing that we have tons of authority built into the site so the visitors can trust the company.

3. Use your site for marketing, Not Talking About Yourself

Remember, the website, as important as it is to “look” great, and as much as we want to talk about ourselves as business owners, the truth is, your audience most likely doesn’t care.

The viewer wants to be the hero, you shouldn’t be talking about how you are the best, and the customer is lucky if they can do business with you. Make your copy include the customer as the hero, and you get to be their Obi-Wan helping them destroy the Death Star. Your customer should be Luke Skywalker at all times. The customer is the hero and you come in to help them get to the main goal that they cannot achieve without you!

4. Use a consistent brand logo with a similar look & feel.

Many companies re-brand from time to time. If your company has re-branded, make sure your marketing is consistent. There is nothing worse than a confused customer. Confusion costs money, and we aren’t in business to lose money.

Make sure your message, color, logos, etc are always consistent, and your customer will subconsciously come to recognize who you are.

5. Relevant photos keep the viewer interested and will decrease bounce rate

Basic SEO looks for a photo to show the user what to expect from what they are reading. Your blog post should include a photo to help guide your audience.

6. SSL Certificates play a huge role in SEO.

In a case study with one of our SEO clients we saw a huge traffic increase just from putting a simple SSL certificate on the site. It is one of the best ROI’s you can get on your website. This is what makes it a best practice, especially in 2019.

SSL certificates can range in price, but they are worth every dollar. It also helps your customer trust that you are a reputable organization.

This is especially true if you are selling goods on the site. If you are asking customers to submit credit card information and don’t have a SSL certificate, you are DEFINITELY losing business because of it.

I, personally, was on a website for buying medication for my dogs. They had great prices, and the site looked really nice. At checkout, I was asked for my credit card information, and as I glanced at the top for that little green box, I noticed the site was unsecured.

They lost my business and I spent more with a competitor. Trust is huge these days, don’t make that mistake.

Rush Tech Designs can set you up with a SSL certificate for $50 with free installation. Call (561) 237-6029 and mention this article to save!

7. Be sure to have at least 800-1500 words per page

Word count, especially in blogs, is crucial to getting your site to rank. Anyone can write 200-400 word articles. You can hop on Fiverr and hire someone overseas to write one for $7. It will come out terribly, and you won’t rank from it.

Something is better than nothing, but it might as well be nothing because it won’t help you rank in the long run. Especially, if the person plagiarized another site and Google flags your web site. Definitely not best practice in web design!

8. If nothing else, collect email addresses

Imagine, 1,000 visitors per day, but no conversions. The customer doesn’t necessarily need to do business with you the first time they meet your brand. Many won’t. You can keep targeting those same people with a nice giveaway.

For instance, we offer a free SEO audit for people looking to improve their own SEO. If they want to DIY, they are more than welcome to. They will get occasional marketing from us, and remember our name. If they change their mind and decide they want to hire a professional, it’s much easier for them to know like and trust the brand they have been using to run their audits. That is the benefit of capturing email addresses, even without purchases.


The best web design practices in 2019 are ever evolving. If you are keeping up with them your site will rank high and it will turn into money. If you would like a free consultation with one of our expert web designers, call (561) 237-6029 and mention that you are looking to improve your website. We know the best web design tricks and can help you rank higher!

Call (561) 237-6029 For a Free Consultation (See, obvious & clear call to action!)

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