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5 Ways Your Google Business Page Will Grow Your Local SEO in 2018


Five Ways To Use SEO To Help Grow Your Business


What is Local SEO?


What is local SEO? Local Seo is a way Google pushes up search results based on a location. Some call it Google local. SEO is very important to a business. The trouble comes when a business owner has no idea on how to use their SEO tools to get the business they need.

The first thing business owners need to know is the difference between traditional SEO and Google Local SEO. Traditional SEO focuses primarily on the person’s site. Google Local focus on your Google my business listing. The Google my business listing showcases where your business is in your local area. The page displays maps and addresses for potential customers to see.

The customer puts in a keyword or phrase and your page comes up. What happens when a business owner does not know how to use SEO to display their pages properly? They miss out on some potential customers who might take an interest. That is why knowing, understanding, and using local SEO is so important.

Grow Local SEO

1) You need to start thinking of the internet as the new “yellow pages”. Studies conclude that 95% of your target audience use the internet to look up something. The map will display businesses located in the area. Your business needs to be on that map, or your audience will not know who you are.

2) SEO helps you determine when your target audience is ready to buy. Window shoppers keep an eye on things, but they do not take the initiative. You need to be in position for when the customer is ready to make a choice. Customers only pay attention to 5% of the brands they see when they window shop. They pay attention to 95% of the brands when they are ready to buy. You need to be in the 95% for your brand to matter.

You need to understand the psychology of your customers to make the most of your SEO.

3) Mobile access is part of understanding the psychology of your audience. You need to understand when and why they use their mobile devices to look something up. You get to find out how your customer is feeling by the way they use their mobile device.

Some of your customers are emotional buyers and boredom plays a big part. Your customers are looking for a way to fill that void and that puts them in position to buy. We are not saying that all your customers will behave that way, but some of them will. You need to tailor your SEO to respond to those emotions.

4) You save a lot of money by creating your own Google my business listing. Your business listing is free. Places like Yelp, Bing, and Trip Advisor are free to use. You save a lot of expenses by uploading your pages on those sites.

Did you know that 50% of mobile customers use those sites on a daily basis? 20% of those visits have led to a sale. You get a good conversion rate, and at little to no cost. There are tools you can use, to get your business listing set up on those pages. Click here to find out more.

5) Your online reviews serve as a template for others. Once in a while, you will find some negative feedback, but most of the time they are positive. Your customer use places like Bing and Yelp to make sure a brand is okay to use.

a) Did you know that 73-74% say that a positive review gets them to trust the brand more?

b) Did you know that 60% of the negative responses makes them question whether or not to do business?

Those stats serve as a talking point for a business to get serious about their SEO. Those reviews will help you to build credibility with your audience. Those reviews serve as an honest first impression.


Your SEO capabilities need to be of the highest quality on those pages. You need to know how to use them in order to get the reaction you need. Brands are more or less ruled by the internet these days. All it takes is just one positive or negative response to make someone else question what you offer.

The more positive reviews you get, the higher you rank, and the more visible your brand will be on sitemaps. Anyone can sell a bunch of baseball caps online. In order for you to understand your brand and its impact more, you need to understand your audience.

Do you want window shoppers or actual buyers?

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