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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Revenue

Social media can boost your business’s revenue and engagement in simple ways. Sites love to send us messages to “boost” or “promote” our posts. It’s so tempting to pay $5 to increase our reach, but overtime all of these boosts add up! Is it worth it? Our answer at Rush Tech Designs: Yes!

Another option, though, is to use free social media marketing strategies to increase post reach, revenue, and your social media success. These strategies still require time to implement, but they can result in increased revenue without paying a cent! These quick tips can help you get started on your way to better Social Media Strategies, but when you are ready to truly reach your company’s best potential in the social media world, contact us at Rush Tech Designs for a quote today.

Below are our five favorite tips for small businesses to strategically and successfully market their businesses through social media and increase revenue.

How does social media help small businesses? By creating an excellent social media strategy! Strategy takes time and experience that Rush Tech Designs offers its clients, but the strategies below can get you started on the right path. So let’s dive in and take a look at five FREE social media marketing strategies for small businesses that you can start with to learn about Social Media and increase revenue.

1. Choose Your Social Media Sites Wisely

This is our favorite tip for small businesses — you do NOT have to be on every social media site!

Instead of trying to communicate through every social site, choose the social media sites that best fit your target audience. Take a look below to get a quick glimpse at who is using the most popular social media sites and choose the sites that best fit your customers.

Also, if you have social media accounts that are performing better than others, then start putting more time and effort into those accounts. For example, if you have Instagram and Facebook and receive more engagement on Instagram, then start putting more time into that account.

2. Aim for Engagement

Think about the best posts you have seen on social media. The top posts have the most engagement – or comments, likes, and shares.

They may be captivating videos, beautiful photos or thought provoking content. In return, they have people responding to the post. They’re commenting their opinions, tagging friends, sharing the post on their own profiles and liking the post. This should be your goal when you create social media posts.

Here’s a few ideas on posts that will increase engagement:

  • Create a poll or ask a question to your followers
  • Post a fun photo
  • Create a video showing behind the scenes of your business
  • Share an awesome client testimonial
  • Host a contest or give-a-way

Most importantly, think about your followers and what they want to see, and use social media to gather information from them. Want a few more ideas to grow engagement? Click the button below to download my social media marketing strategies quick guide.

3. Take a Look at Your Competitors

Take a look at your competitors’ social media pages and other pages that you admire and see what is working for them.

What types of posts are getting a lot of comments and likes? How often are they posting? What strategies are they using to increase engagement?

Of course you should never copy any posts exactly, but taking a look at other social media pages is a good way to get ideas for your future social media posts.

4. Schedule Your Posts

This is a habit that can take a few weeks to get used to, but is totally worth it! Instead of spending time every single day creating your social media posts, designate an hour or two per week to create your posts and schedule them.

To do this, use online tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. Both of these scheduling tools allow you connect up to three social accounts for free.

Scheduling posts allows you to give more thought to the post strategy and content. It also ensures that you post regularly, so that you don’t forget to post on a busy day. More posts, mean more engagement, which means more revenue for your company.

5. Repost Old Posts

Reduce, reuse and recycle! Do you have a post that received a lot of engagement in the past? Try refreshing it with updated copy or a slightly different photo and post it again. Chances are you will receive a lot of engagement the second time around as well. This will help increase revenue by increasing engagement, see a pattern?

Also do the same with blog posts and articles. Take a look at your analytics and see which blog posts have had the most visitors. Share these often on social media to keep the momentum going.

By reposting, you are saving time by not having to create new content and increasing reach on already popular posts.

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and can serve as a boost in revenue to your small business. Rush Tech Designs can take your business’s engagement to the next level through calculated SEO integration, captivating website design, and a winning-team. If you are interested in boosting your clout and revenue, contact us at Rush Tech Designs today at 561-237-6029 or +15612376029. We look forward to hearing from you!

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