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4 Step Guide to Captivating Campaigns

Building a successful marketing campaign is no simple task. This guide is  simplified quite a bit for posterity. Like your middle school teacher taught you: Keeping it Simple is the way to go. Without further ado…lets begin.


STEP 1: Define Your Customer

Defining your target market is imperative to reaching them. Put yourself in the mind of your perfect buyer. How old are they?  What is their median income? What are their desires or what do they struggle with? How can you fulfill their need? This narrows down the segment of people you will be targeting and helps you get into their way of thinking. You should have a general idea of what these people are looking for. An important note is to see what social media networks they frequent. If the majority of your target audience are not on a network, scrap it! You will have to maintain a presence and content on their network of choice. Don’t waste effort where your audience does not hang out. Capitalize on your strengths.

STEP 2: Install Analytics


Believe it or not, there’s more to a successful campaign that getting in front of the eyes of your audience. Many believe the point of a campaign is to reach out to people. It’s real purpose it to better teach you what your customers want. That way you can refine your process and get it spot on to convert. You cant do that without the proper analytics in place. Most programs will allow you to set goals, tracking codes, easily send outreach to more customers. You want to make your list into qualified leads, and convert those leads into sales. Then lather, rinse, and repeat!


STEP 3: Create Pertinent Ad Content


Now that we know who we are speaking to, lets define exactly what makes them ACT. Your ad content must be pertinent but pertinent just won’t cut it. We’re gunning for “undeniable.” Conversion is when a visitor completes the purchase of your product or service. This is the ultimate end-goal. If you lead a horse to water, you want to make sure they take a sip. Otherwise, all that effort is just not worth it. Research details like click-through rate and conversion rates and you’ll pump those  rookie numbers up in no time!


STEP 4: Track, Monitor & Adjust

Once you have done the above, adjust and do it again! Engaged buyers buy again and tell their friends and family. It is imperative that you research your competitors as very useful and successful marketing strategies can be gleaned from them. Finally, don’t be afraid to augment you efforts with with Pay per Click options that place your ads in front of the eyes that are looking for them. Facebook Ads and Google Ads do work!

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